Friday, November 9, 2007


New Texture’s Chris D. has been working for some time now on Gun and Sword: An Encyclopedia of Japanese Gangster Films 1955-1980. The eagerly-awaited book promises to be the last word on the topic. Here’s the latest news on its forthcoming publication:

Gun and Sword: An Encyclopedia of Japanese Gangster Films 1955-1980
, is currently without a publisher (although basically finished). Author Chris D. has been in talks with two different publishers who would like to do it. Unfortunately, one would like it to be severely edited for length (which would have the affect of making it something less that a complete "encyclopedia"); and the other, who would like to do it with a minimum of editing, will not be able to clear the decks for possible publication until 2009 at the earliest. Since Chris D. would like it to be as complete and all-inclusive as possible, the latter alternative, despite the delay, is the most attractive.

Though not on the vast scale of Tim Lucas' Mario Bava: All The Colors of The Dark magnum opus (which is over 1,000 pages), it is much closer in size and scope to that book than it is to Chris D.'s previous tome, Outlaw Masters of Japanese Film. As it stands now, Gun and Sword is over 600 pages in text and will be considerably longer with illustrations (mostly posters), probably around 700 pages (though realistically it may have to come down a bit in size to, say, 500 - 550 pages). Unhappily, the other publisher in question would probably want a book that is closer to 350 pages (which is totally unacceptable).

To all those loyal readers and fans who have waited patiently for this, the definitive book on the golden age of Japanese yakuza films, thanks for understanding. Please be patient.