Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Gateway or Portal

You know it's twilight when those little you-tube squares start passing as "content."

But that's what doing a job doing something you don't really love to do does--debilitate the will-to-express and dull the soul.

Anyhow, now that 2007 is gone (good riddance!) I thought I would share some 2007 highlights.

Speaking of dulling the soul, the best song from the radio that plays always all the time no matter what at the job site goes to Keshia Chante. Of all the songs on "hit" radio, Keshia Chante's 2U is my favorite. Way better than that Colbie Caillat disaster--they play that shit over and over and over. Enough! Let me tell you, when Keshia comes on, it really is a breath of fresh air--it makes me want to throw down my shovel, dance around and scream "wooooo" as loud as I can. And another thing, If they spent Rihanna money on Keshia Chante, the world would be a better place, because Keshia is the better singer. There, I said it.

As mentioned in an earlier post, BEST ALBUM does in fact go to the Bad Brains for Build A Nation. I am given to understand that one of those Beastie Boy fellas was deeply involved in said album's creation. If so, all his trespasses hither to and forever more are pardoned, as Build A Nation eclipses entirely and totally all output by the Beastie Boys as well as all output by the individual members, regardless of medium--combined.

The Reggae cuts on Build A Nation are spectacular. The fast songs are spectacular. Yaaay! We're all teenagers again! And this time we're smiling! Hey, maybe this timeless, non-linear post-modernity thing isn't so bad after all.

While that video is pretty cool, BEST video most absolutely goes to Alice Donut for Madonna's Bombing Sarajevo. OUTSTANDING. The music is quite remarkable as well, but it's the video that really trance-formed me. I watched the video three times in a row and then didn't sleep the entire night! It was that trance-formative. And it wasn't even from 2007! It's from 2006!

Madonna's Bombing Sarajevo by Alice Donut

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The Alice Donut video reminded me of Bruce Bickford's work--which I share with you below at the risk of litigation.

Speaking of litigation, the continuing saga of ZFT versus Everyone Else wins BEST LITIGATION SAGA 2007--that is, aside from that war thing that's still going on. Remember that old thing? Yeah, well, aside from that, the ZFT suing everyone really is fascinating (really) on so many levels. When you fold in the Zappa Plays Zappa phenomena (clinamen?) along with it's "official-dom-ness" the lines become really squiggly. I love when the lines get really squiggly.

While it's easy to discern who is being repellent and who isn't, the answer to the "right and wrong" question isn't as clear cut as we would hope. Everyone is a little right, and everyone is a little wrong. I love when everyone is a little wrong.

Best concert of 2007 was of course Dixon at the Vision festival. I won't even bother with a link on that on. You should know by now. But do click this link to Stephen Haynes' site wherein he mentions mixing and a possible release of his orchestral performance on the venerated AUM-Fidelity label. You all remember AUM-Fidelity, right?

In 2008, we will be 4 years from 2012. Just one more President left!

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