Thursday, July 3, 2008

Red, White, Blue and Newstastic!

The 4th of July means patriotism and cookouts, and our own Plato Jesus manages to bring us both at once - patriotically raking current events over the briquettes with TEN fresh entries in his much-beloved That's Newstastic! series. Why, I have a feeling he's even wearing a red, white and blue "Kiss the Cook" apron.

Click below to read 'em all, and try not to choke on your wiener:

The cost of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Other Global War on Terror

Japan's robot for lonely men

North Meets South: Vermont Secessionists Meet with Racist League of the South

Japanese woman caught living in man's closet

The Amazonian tribe that hid from the rest of the world - until now

Foreclosures in Military Towns Surge at Four Times U.S. Rate

A Conflict's Buffer Zone: Rocks, and Inches

Vikings Cheerleaders Visit Bagram Air Base

Paulville? Count Ron Paul out

Reactive Revolution: Meet the Pulverizers