Monday, April 13, 2009

Plato Jesus says That's Eastertastic!

Plato Jesus is certainly accustomed to compliments on his basket, but this bounty of fresh installments in his "That's Newstastic!" series is sure to bring him even more kudos than usual.

Click on the first entry below, then use the Next > link at the bottom of the page to read them all.

Think of these as the eggs everyone else missed at the big hunt:

'Borat' star fools Alabama Guard, trains briefly

'Tis a solemn, satisfying job for this leprechaun

Delicacy of the Wild West lives on for those so bold

Desperate Japanese head to 'suicide forest'

Man said 'wombat rape' led to accent change

Axed gals take pole positions

Socialism has failed. Now capitalism is bankrupt. So what comes next?

Old-school siege: Rebels arrested in 'New' takeover bid