Wednesday, September 15, 2010

FOR SALE: Harlan Ellison's First Typewriter

Ellison and his trusty Remington

A rather unconventional "open sale" has been announced. The item in question: the first typewriter owned by iconic writer Harlan Ellison.

Per sale broker David Silver:

"Harlan Ellison's little Remington "noiseless" typewriter, his genuine first typewriter upon which he began his stellar career, is available for sale right now. Included with the machine, Harlan will provide corroborative proof of its authenticity so there will be no future issues of provenance for the eventual owner. What's more, if the buyer wishes, Harlan will scroll a final piece of paper into the machine, type a final half page of something for posterity, and leave it there just so."

Full details and contact information are available on a web page dedicated to the sale, here.