Monday, March 28, 2011

Josh Alan Friedman on Nelson Algren

"He is not just a writer, but a Guardian Literary Angel, a Symbol, a counterweight to the corporatocracy. In his last years, he emphasized this, and I quote: “Big Business Kills.” Well, maybe we need standardization and assembly lines to build automobiles, but the sphere of this domination seems so powerful and out-of-whack, it throws off the balance of life. “Big Business Kills.” Those words echo in every bank bailout, every Enron and Bernie Madoff scandal that rapes a million people, every soulless concrete and glass skyscraper that uglifies the skylines of American cities."

Josh Alan Friedman's speech honoring Nelson Algren from last week's 102nd birthday party celebrating the late writer is now on Black Cracker Online. Click here to read it in its entirety.

Josh Alan will present Black Cracker (along with a short set of atomic acoustic guitar) this week at Boswell Book Company in Milwaukee and Quimby's in Chicago. For details, click here.