Monday, February 1, 2016

DEVIL MAY CALL on Chiller's "Don't Watch Alone" Feb. 6

Devil May Calldirected by Jason Cuadrado from a screenplay by Cuadrado and New Texture's Wyatt Doyle, makes its US television debut on Chiller this Saturday, February 6, at 9 pm ET. The film is part of their Don't Watch Alone series, which also includes Neil Marshall's Dog Soldiers and Roman Polanski's The Ninth Gate.

From Chiller's site:

Chiller invites viewers to truly interact with the movie we're showing. While watching, follow along on our Facebook page (and if you haven't liked us, what are you waiting for?) or on Twitter. We'll be using #ScarySocial - and want you to as well! Throughout the night, we'll share lots of juicy extras about the movie, including Q&A's and live tweeting with the cast or crew, behind-the-scenes videos, quizzes and more. And, of course, we'll be providing commentary.

Devil May Call stars Corri English (Holliston), Tyler Mane (X-Men), Traci Lords (Cry-Baby), Van Hansis (Occupant), and Daniel Hugh Kelly (Cujo). From Angel & Bear Productions and Esperanza Productions.

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