Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dead Cat Bounce - September 9!

from Dead Cat Bounce HQ:

Hey there friends - Moby's got a new band with a mad name, a first gig, an insanely good drummer, a prodigal violin fiddler, an excellent bass player, and all of this happened before the end of the world came upon us! I hope you can join us - it's going to be an evening of funk, blues and mind-bending musicians using their mental powers to levitate large objects like improbable groups of Swiss Boarding School Girls! Double Decker Busses! A small Welsh Shepherd! We will bend spoons and play in tune and commune with the almost dead! Nothing is beyond us!

Dead Cat Bounce

September 9th - 8.30PM

The Bulls Head
373 Lonsdale Road
SW13 9PY

Nearest Rail station
Barnes Bridge (150 metres)
Barnes London Tube to Hammersmith then 209 Bus

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On Drums - Sam Kelly - One of the biggest names on the UK blues and funk scene, winner of the 'best blues drummer of the year' five years running, Sam practically invented the UK groove, playing with proto-funk band Cymande. Since then he has played with everyone from Chaka Khan to Gary Moore and a thousand big names in between.

On Violin - Jan Galach - an amazing blues prodigy from Poland, walked in one night and turned the world upside down.

On Bass - Alex Deligiannidis - a great session player from Greece to London's west side, he burns it up on George Marios' new album and around town with Anosis and Monks Scar Tattoo.

On Guitar and Vox - Moby Pomerance is an unquestionably adjectival guitar player. In fact just the other day one of his oldest friends said he "wasn't rubbish." So. There you go.