Friday, August 28, 2009

Two by Josh Alan Friedman

New work by Josh Alan Friedman is always cause for celebration. And when new work arrives accompanied by a piece that's been out of circulation for 30 years, well goddamn!

"...We could only say, 'Good night, Groucho, thanks for an unforgettable evening.' Groucho: 'I think I'd rather forget it'..."

A Memory of Groucho
(from New York magazine, August 28, 1978.)

"Playing for 20,000 Poles in Krakow during the Festival of Jewish Culture, Rubin observed, 'One well-placed RPG round and a fairly large chunk of the modern Jewish music scene would be history. Just thinking out loud, mind you.'"

(Friedman's "uncircumsized" edit of Mark Rubin Schleps His Instruments Across The World In The Name of Klezmer from the Dallas Observer, August 26, 2009.)