Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Dixon Society

For many at New Texture, the enormous influence of the work, career, and artistic philosophies of musician/composer/painter/author/educator/raconteur Bill Dixon has been constant and immeasurable.

But, like too many great things, following Dixon's continued output closely (to say nothing of tracking outside analysis of that work) has frequently required an instinct for detective work and tenacity comparable to that of Miss Marple.

However in recent years, The Dixon Society has emerged to do its part to keep the Dixon torch burning bright online, sharing information and insight into this important artist.

Since October is Bill Dixon's birth month, our friends at The Dixon Society are celebrating with worthy posts of some length; this is a very good thing indeed.

In addition to the video above (shot by Nick Skrowaczewski in 2007), take the time to explore:

Dixonia Corrections
An exhaustive series of additions, corrections and supplements to Dixonia: A Bio-Discography of Bill Dixon by Ben Young.

An Interview with Justin Perdue
The guitarist and visual artist discusses his years of study under Dixon in the Black Music Department of Bennington College.

Thank you, Dixon Society, and Happy Birthday, Bill Dixon!