Thursday, March 4, 2010

Now Hold On One Minute

So what you're saying is tuition is a little high and that maybe some of the highest compensated in the education business (because it is a business, after all) should get a bit of a pay cut instead raising tuitions even further? Why that's pure communist jibberish! Why do you hate learning?

Should the whole world be home schooled (pardon me, "distance educated") and should everyone just stay inside always except to go shopping?

You mean we can't just keep doubling tuitions?

You mean students aren't totally grateful for the opportunity to learn, regardless of price, regardless of their new "earning potential" upon graduation? I mean, you go to college, you learn stuff, and then you get a job in the field of your study that enables you to pay back your loan and live a dignified life in our present, late capital economy doing what you "love"--am I missing something?

Hey, it's great to know that even community colleges are raising their tuition so as not to be left out of the fun.

Hey, woah everyone, keep these comments within the accepted content-neutral always-friendly twaddle tolerances--you're coming awful close to teasing out some issues!

Or maybe the question should be posed like this: "without affordable and accessible jazz education, does jazz even have a future?" (that might be a trick question...)

No really, it's a good idea, no, really, and really we promise that this great idea will increase "equity." Maybe even "fairness." No really, we mean it, really. Honest.

"College has become so expensive that paying back such loans--particularly if a student goes on to grad school--can become a decades-long commitment." Yes, but you knew that going it to it--you knew you'd "have to hustle"--and since you are doing it for the "love" of your chosen area of interest, then really what's a couple few tens of thousands of dollars you'll spend the next two decades paying back?

PHEW! Thank dog this is just an isolated incident in a small and insignificant place with no implications for the rest of the country or any relation to anything that "we" have been slap-partying about, and that all is well in the wonderful world of higher education elsewhere, now and forever.

copyright © 2010 Stanley Jason Zappa