Wednesday, May 5, 2010

by Andy Biscontini

You have eighteen months to demonstrably answer the following questions:

(Demonstrative graphs and diagrams are acceptable, but must be accompanied by synopses not to exceed one thousand words.)

1. Is it possible for the United States to establish responsible relationships with or facilitate the establishment of relationships between enough population factions within Pakistan and Afghanistan to establish a functioning economic system? If so, do we expect some kind of cut in return?

2. If Afghanistan has a future as a non-narcotic agricultural society, is the most obvious relationship not one of supplier to Pakistan’s densely populated urban areas? If so, would it then be Pakistan’s interest and responsibility as purchasing (consuming) economic partner to maintain the health of Afghani society, with implicit potential for cultural influence?

3. If the only thing the U.S. gets out of the whole thing is the satisfaction of fostering the development of healthy and benevolent sovereign societies, does that justify the expenditure of blood and treasure?

4. Wouldn’t it be cool if Britain agreed to shoulder the investment in urban Pakistan that could help finance the reorganization of agriculture in Afghanistan? If so, would that be a preferable use of their suddenly scant pounds as opposed to their current military presence in Afghanistan, not to mention a heartwarming shot at post-colonial reconciliation?

5. Is it called “market-making” when you create a market for healthy food and agricultural products while setting non-exploitative terms with your providers? If not, why?

6. Is it rare for people from healthy societies to want to blow everything up?

©2010 Andy Biscontini