Thursday, January 20, 2011

Backwards, Forwards Backwards

Hands up, who else uses Linux?


Well, if any of you did, you'd probably already know about SoX.

I'm determined to get my computer music schizzle happening, and I'm determined to make it happen using Linux.

Essentially, SoX is like Audacity, without any graphic user interface--just a bunch of code.  Code like:

play rsclarinets.wav echo 0.9 0.88 160.0 0.4

It's kind of like making your own butter, or sewing ones own really puts a new perspective on something normally taken for granted.

Here is the clarinet trio from WKCR--the one we know and love:

Lavalle Mateen Zappa Clarinets at WKCR track 4 

Here it is backwards

Here it is backwards and forwards.

Backwards Forwards Clarinets 

Yup, it's come to that.

Stay tuned for more remixes of old tunes you probably weren't that interested in to begin with.