Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Tenth of Many Instalments of Me

The tenth, and for now, final instalment of the many instalments of me.  Wow, what a wild ride.  This web 2.0 thing really does add richly to the fabric and quality of our lives.  2011, great to see ya!

This little number was the version 0.9 of the Citizens' Orchestra kernel.  It is a performance by Eric Zinman, Laurence Cook, Jane Wang, Nick Skrowaczewski, on the final piece of the evening Glynis Lowmon, and me.

Citizens Orchestra I - First Piece, Cambridge MA 2007 

This is the first piece of the evening.  The other three have been put together into a "thing" which I am given to understand is currently enjoying the neglect, apathy and disinterest of select music capitalists all over the world!  And that's fine too because it was a gaye olde time that performance.  Yes indeed, all the notes at least twice.  Laurence Cook = national treasure.  I didn't know Jane Wang's music before the performance, and as it turns out I should have as she played great.  (You can also hear her on Sabir Mateen's recording Other Places Other Spaces.)  Eric Zinman is a pan tonal champion and Nick Skrowaczewski, what can you say?  As adept on the vibes as he is on the drums.  Mr. Percussion!

And there you have it.  Ten instalments of me, by me, ultimately for me and the 6 or seven of you who make a point of stopping by on a semi regular basis.

The next instalments of me could potentially be of even less interest, as they are pre-digital relics.  The next instalments might also not appear for a long time as they are cassettes, and I'm not sure yet how to turn them into zeros and ones.

While the lions share of it makes even me cringe, there are some fun unheard cassettes from rehearsals no one heard for gigs that were never played.

Till then!