Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Emotional Finale to Sunday's Special Service With Rev. Branch

To view on YouTube, click the above image. To watch via Vimeo, see below.

Rev. Reverend Raymond Branch played and sang for about 90 minutes straight at the Heavenly Rainbow Special Service fundraiser on Sunday. Attendance wasn't anything you could call a crowd, but those who showed were generous, as were a few online donors.

Visibly overcome, Rev. Branch closed 90 minutes of music Sunday with this emotional performance, "Love Lifted Me;" he almost doesn't make it through.

"I haven't cried for 55 years... I'm too tough to cry," he insists, wiping away a tear. Moving whatever your beliefs.

Recorded at the Heavenly Rainbow Baptist Church, April 2011

© 2011 Rev. Raymond Branch, Wyatt Doyle