Saturday, April 23, 2011

Once again it's BORGNINE SATURDAY - and not a moment too soon.

Put the Ethel Merman records under lock and key for the day, it's Borgnine Saturday! This majestic holiday comes but once a year, and thank Borgnine, you're in it now.

Some - but not all! - Borgnine Saturday events are trousers-optional.
Read invitations carefully to avoid any unpleasantness.

Spend the day appropriately. Take turns reading aloud from the family copy of Ernie: The Autobiography. Remember the great taste of the all-too-short-lived beverage, Borgnine's Coffee Soda. And of course, fire up the entertainment system and savor highlights from your home library of Borgnine classics; we'll even help you get started. Below, enjoy the the wonderful Ernie-centric travelogue by Jeff Krulik, Ernest Borgnine on the Bus in its entirety, courtesy of the filmmaker.

And remember: We're all Ernest Borgnines.

Having trouble viewing on Vimeo? Catch the first 10 minutes of Borgnine on the Bus on YouTube here.

Ernie portrait © 2010 Wyatt Doyle