Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Fifth of Many Installments of Me

Hall Skrowaczewski Zappa Trio track one, 2005 by Stanley Jason Zappa

The Hall Skrowaczewski Zappa Trio...kind of rolls of the tongue like Medeski Martin and Wood. Like MMW, the HSZ trio trafficked in rollicking good fun.

Evidence again more Studer trickery. And why not? If it kind of worked once, keep using it again and again until it is tired and old and a nuisance. Culture does the same thing all the time--why shouldn't I?

On this track, Nick Skrowaczewski plays both vibes and drums (though not at the same time). I'm guessing that the vibes were overdubed over the existing trio. There might be two vibes going at once, come to think of it.

As far as I'm aware (and for the 6 to 7 of you who visit this site, please fill in my blanks), multi-tracking hasn't really enjoyed quite the same centrality in "this music" as it has in rock.

I know Dixon used it to great effect on Octette #1 from Vade Mecum II and...that's all I can think of! Who else? Help me here!