Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Fourth of Many Installments of Me

Here's a real thigh slapper!

Jon Van Wie There (2004) by Stanley Jason Zappa

This fun little number was the "midcourse" for that Kings Of Dispassion (or was it Friends Family Disease Death) record that never came out. 

It is (duh) dedicated to the late great Jon Van Wie, who not only taught me (and countless others) how to play the guitar, but who also made me two mouthpieces--one for the tenor and one for the baritone.

I still play the one for the tenor--a modified Hite, that one.  The other I dropped on a cement floor, shattering it, along with my psyche.

Getting back to Jon, it's fair to say that no amount of words will ever really do justice to his genius, the gifts of "knowledge and overstanding" he freely gave, or the huge crater of sadness and loss left in the wake of his passing.

It's probably also fair that the above little number doesn't do justice to any of that either.

It was, however, another occasion to have fun with a gigantic Studer tapedeck.

I do remember playing this for Bill Dixon.  His reaction: "the out of tune piano thing isn't working."

Agree?  Disagree?