Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Seventh of Many Instalments of Me

Certainly you all remember (and cherish) your time listening to The Sixth of Many Instalments of Me.  In that post, I promised you the duo 2 years later.

And here it is.  The Skrowaczewski Zappa duo, 2008.

Skrowaczewski / Zappa at Zappanale #19, Rehearsal 2008

Zappanale was many things, none the least of which being an opportunity to make more music with the wonderful Nick Skrowaczewski.

This track was recorded in the basement of the Zappanale headquarters right there in beautiful Bad Doberan Germany.  It was recorded using Nick's Edirol hand held recording device.

The basement as I recall was your typical basement rehearsal room, complete with numerous posters and empty bottles of soda strewn everywhere.  (Zappanale was a very soda-forward festival.  Nick and I got 12 2 litre bottles of soda upon arrival.  A mix-n-match pack if you will.  My favorite flavor was the no flavor flavor.  It had quite the sturdy bubble without any color or taste.)  Maybe there was also a small childrens bicycle and a dryer in the rehearsal space?  Anyhow, a real comfortable back-at-home-in-11th-grade kind of feeling.

No one was present for this recording (it was a rehearsal) and in retrospect, this might be some of the strongest work from that wee blip of productive time there in Germany.  Which makes me think about the history of music, particularly how  most of it is only known to the musicians making it.  Rehearsal are often much hipper than the actual performance.  How many rehearsal have you been to?


And with that, we wait with bated breath for the Eighth Instalment of Many Instalments of Me.