Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Sixth of Many Installments of Me

Skrowaczewski / Zappa live at WKCR 2007 by Stanley Jason Zappa

Interstellar Space...Papyrus...The Nick Skrowaczewski Stanley Jason Zappa duo? Stakes are pretty high with the duo.  It's an instrumentation that lends itself well to embarrassment and humiliation.  Unlike in the large(r) ensemble, there's no hiding in a duo.

On the flip side, the duo is a great way to share some feelings in no uncertain terms--perhaps even more so than the solo.

This track was recorded live at WKCR by Ben Young in 2007.  The three or four of you who read this blog are no strangers to the joy and awesomeness that is WKCR and it's helmsman Herr Young.  Live to 3 track?  Maybe 1/4" reel to reel tape was involved?  How soon we forget.  What was I saying again?

Music making with Nick Skrowaczewski (drums on this one) is always a pleasurable, continually morphing reality.  Next week (in the seventh of many installments of me) I'll post another duet from 2009.  Will you hear a difference?

Stay tuned to answer that question for yourself!