Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Friend Andy

My friend Andy Biscontini and I grew up together in Delaware County, PA. Since then he's lived all over the world, but he loves New York. In fact, he loves New York so much, he's even got a soft spot for sides of the city most people don't much care for - the small time chiselers, three card monte hustlers, rent scammers, strippers on the make, illegal immigrants trying to keep one step ahead of the INS... You know, the kind of people you have to warn visiting friends about.

EVERY DOG'S DAY is his offbeat valentine to the men and women who eke out an existence on the short con. It's sorta like IT'S A MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD made for peanuts and directed by Jim Jarmusch, with assists from the ghosts of Robert Altman and Frank Tashlin. It's loose and fun, surprisingly sweet and charming and well worth your time. What's more, the thing is an ensemble piece with a (uniformly excellent) cast so large, chances are if you've ever spent any kind of time in the city you probably know someone in there. Or, more likely, been swindled by them.

I'm sharing this information because aside from my liking the film, I know Andy busted his ass making this movie, then busted it again trying to get it released so people could actually see the thing. Now IndiePix has done right by him and slapped it on a silver platter, making it available to the general public for $15. Then this week I got an email alerting me that as a promotional special this week, they're making the film available as a download for only eight bucks. Eight bucks! You can't even go to a movie in a theater for eight bucks these days! Unless maybe you're by yourself. And it's a third run release. And you like having your feet stick to the floor. And you're ok with the smelly guy in the seat next to you who keeps making eyes at you and touching your knee.

If this sounds like it might be your cup of stuff, what are you waiting for? Support the Arts. Support an independent. Support my friend Andy! Gamble eight bucks on the download and check out his movie. And if by some outside chance you have a sudden lapse of taste and actually don't enjoy the film, I'll buy you a coffee next time I see you and then you're almost coming out even. Hell, a lot of you owe me eight bucks already!

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