Monday, March 1, 2021

Wyatt Doyle's "And the red death held sway over the dollar store" @ Gallery 30 South, 03/01–03/26

"Doyle’s eye and his camera’s eye capture those moments of junk-store epiphany, of accidental revelation, which lurk un-noticed in the most taken-for-granted parts of everyday run-down America." —Bill Shute, Kendra Steiner Editions 

Abandoned places, decaying spaces, toys nobody wants. Things that are gone, things that remain. “And the red death held sway over the dollar store” at Pasadena’s Gallery 30 South exhibits photographs by Wyatt Doyle from his acclaimed collections Dollar Halloween, I Need Real Tuxedo and a Top Hat!, Buty-Wave Is Now Closed Forever, Jorge Amaya Doesn't Live Here Anymore, and recent work. 

Photography with a narrative bent, capturing people, places, and things, from California to Tennessee and back again. Through March 26. Books and signed, limited edition prints available via the gallery. The show is available for online viewing here.