Thursday, December 25, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

New work by Moby Pomerance!

"He was racing over pentatonic scales picking out every note with a level of technique I had never heard in him before – and I never heard in him afterwards. He was using grace notes and passing-tones, furious chromatic runs - I couldn’t keep up, and I was standing right underneath him. I had studied his playing for years – but not this. I had nothing for this. Forget both ends, he was burning his candle with a blow-torch, right in the middle."

The Gitter Cranicals 6: The Wild Wind and Seas. Click here to read it in full.

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Big Sur After the Fire

copyright © 2008 Wyatt Doyle

Friday, December 5, 2008

"Man of the Hour Later" by Victoria Doyle

A poem in response to Wyatt Doyle's "Man of the Hour"...

With tonight’s guests
Flip Wilson
Jimmy Stewart
Howard Cosell
Jack Benny
General Omar Bradley
Phyllis Diller
Milton Berle
Neil Armstrong
Rich Little
Ginger Rogers
Reverend Billy Graham
Johnny Bench
Foster Brooks
Governor Ronald Reagan
Nipsey Russell
Don Rickles
Sugar Ray Robinson
Mark Spitz
Zsa Zsa Gabor
John Wayne (on location)
Secretary of State Henry Kissinger
and your roastmaster
Dean Martin

Everyone put your hands together for
Fred Astaire
Bob Hope
Sonny Bono
Governor Raymond P. Shafer
Captain & Tennille
Mario Bava
Sarah Vaughn
Ed Sullivan
Edgar Bergen
Sonja Henie
Neil Simon
Margaret Sanger
Anthony Perkins
Joe Namath
Alain Delon
The Nat King Cole Trio
Buddy Ebsen
Dame Shirley Bassey
Aaron Copland
Tom Selleck
Lenny Bruce
The Easybeats
Alan Freed
Jack Kerouac
and the star of our show
Sammy Davis, Jr.

We’re proud to welcome
Bob Fosse
James Cagney
Loudon Wainwright III
District Supervisor Harvey Milk
Jean Pierre-Melville
Bobby Darin
Bob Newhart
Orson Welles
Harold Prince
Malcolm X
Ed Wood
Bobby Riggs
Tom Courtenay
The Glenn Miller Orchestra
Norman Lear
Diana Ross
Leonard Bernstein
Sean Connery
Garrett Morris
Wolfman Jack
Ray Bradbury
with your host
Ed McMahon

Martha Graham
Chico Marx
Leon Russell
Senator George McGovern
Christopher Cross
William Castle
Rufus Harley
Fred Rogers
Don Ameche
George Foreman
Jerry Brock
Bobby Seale
Peter Cushing
Bobby Clark
Catherine Deneuve
Artie Shaw & his Orchestra
Betty White
Donna Summer
John Barry
Adrian Zmed
David Steinberg
The MC5
Tom Donahue
Faith Baldwin
and the Mayor of Sunset Strip
Rodney Bingenheimer

copyright, © 2008 Victoria Doyle

Big Sur After the Fire

copyright © 2008 Wyatt Doyle