Thursday, July 22, 2021

MANEATERS Hits the Water!

Summertime. When thoughts turn to sun, sand, surf...and sharks! Just in time for beach season, Men's Adventure Library editors Robert Deis and Wyatt Doyle present Maneaters, a deep dive into long unseen shark-themed pulp fiction and savage full-color illustration art drawn from three decades of classic men's adventure magazines (or MAMs), most out of print since their original publication. In addition, these graphic, action-packed tales of shark encounters are paired with commentary and mythbusting by a celebrated panel of contemporary shark experts who separate the stories' fact from fiction.

"My God, the Sharks Got the Women!"..."Shark-Battling Dolphins Saved My Life"..."A Man-Eating Shark Pack Against Scuba Divers"..."The Headhunting Shark That Destroyed a Texas Family"..."The Sharks Got My Legs"...

Wild, untamed shark fiction and hard-nosed shark science collide in one high-octane, full color collection. There's never been a book like it!

Sharks and hard-boiled shark hysteria were an integral part of MAMs from the very beginning, regularly appearing as villains across the magazines' three-decade lifespan, in stories by the likes of Godfather author Mario Puzo and Robert Edmond Alter, and in the killer covers and interior art by pantheon illustration artists like Mort Künstler and Samson Pollen.

In addition to expert commentary and critiques, a preface by Steve Cheskin, creator of Discovery's Shark Week, and an afterword by Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus director "Ace Hannah" (Jack Perez) affirm the sturdy bloodlines between the shark terror of yesterday and today's sharkmania.

Maneaters is available as a 170-page softcover and as a 192-page expanded hardcover with additional content. Click here to sink your teeth in.

Expert contributors to Maneaters include:

Bruce Avera Hunter, marine conservation & naturalist photographer
Jessica Myers, marine scientist
Mark Royer, PhD
Bryan Keller, PhD
Tyler Bowling, marine ecologist
Sarah Fae Torre, marine fisheries biologist
Chuck Bangley, PhD
Gavin Naylor, evolutionary biologist
David Shiffman, marine conservation biologist
Yannis Papastamatiou, PhD
Caroline Collatos, marine biologist


Tuesday, July 20, 2021


144-page deluxe hardcover edition (left) and the 120-page softcover. Silverberg portrait by Jimmy Angelina.

Wyatt Doyle, co-editor and designer of the new release from the Men's Adventure Library, Exotic Adventures of Robert Silverberg, talks about the history behind Silverberg's "lost" stories for Exotic Adventures, a short-lived men's adventure magazine/bachelor mag hybrid from the late 1950s.

Read all about it at in "He Watched the Secret Sex Rites of Uganda" on We Are Cult, here

Buy the book from Amazon here.

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Carolina's CURSED Out Now!

Proud to announce the digital release of the new album from Carolina, Cursed, on New Texture.

CD and LP release to follow.

Listen here:

Carolina is...

Christofer Lincoln - vocals/guitars 

Matt Brown - guitars 

Morgan Keator - guitars 

Jimmy Angelina - bass 

Troy Williams - drums/percussion


Carolina on Bandcamp:

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Arts for Art's On_Line Salon featuring John Blum

"Mark Hennen, John Blum, Jackson Krall in Performance & Discussion. Suggested minimum donation is $5. Donations go towards funding artist fees. Arts for Art's On_Line Salon series features live streaming FreeJazz performances and conversations every Tuesday and Thursday."

Visit John Blum's site HERE.