Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Birthday, John Waters!

John Waters' latest book is Role Models; pick up a copy here.

Black Cracker by Josh Alan Friedman is available NOW; signed copies are available here.

Visit Josh Alan at Black Cracker Online here.

photo © 2010, 2013 Wyatt Doyle

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Andrew Biscontini's NU LUNA Is Coming.

“This is the Colony. The better your ideas,
the more people want you dead.”

After 400 years of colonization, the moon is home to nearly a billion people living in a crowded, stagnant and steeply stratified industrial police state on the verge of collapse for nearly a century.

But underneath the rigid, totalitarian grasp of the Colonial Authority, it’s also home to the vibrant, ambitious, diverse and irrepressibly competitive indigenous population of the Moonborn, for whom life is a constant struggle for survival under the often cruel, sometimes insane, and generally shortsighted and misguided CA administration.

At the collapse of this society, the life of Sanjit Ramirez, truck driver, will intersect with those of the Sister Doctor, racked with guilt over causing an accidental genocide, and her adolescent android assistant, who hates her for it; Demetrius Wei, a genetically engineered genius with Oppositional Defiance Disorder and a catastrophic grudge; Sanjit’s ex-girlfriend Naeemah, a pinup-queen-turned-avenging –cyborg-army; and Sel, a teenaged Moonborn musician who, whether she likes it or not, may be the catalyst that changes the course of humanity.

Andrew Biscontini’s nu luna is a deeply personal matinee space-adventure deftly spun through a vividly imagined, improbably plausible future history in which tyranny, no matter how technologically advanced, cannot supress the decisions of individuals to do the right thing.

nu luna. Coming soon from New Texture.

The future is beautiful and dangerous.