Thursday, January 28, 2016

A HANDFUL OF HELL Available Now!

New from The Men's Adventure Library:

“These stories were being read by men who’d been there, done that. I had to have the personalities and the details right. They wouldn’t tolerate having men like themselves overly glorified, or to have war made glamorous.”

Aviator, diplomat, and historian, Robert F. Dorr was uniquely qualified to write for men’s adventure magazines, bringing sweat-and-blood, nuts-and-bolts authenticity to his stories of risk, combat, and sacrifice. Best known today for his highly regarded historical works, Dorr’s stories for the men’s pulps also drew from jaw-dropping true accounts,  as action-packed as any imagined by his hard-boiled peers.

In this tense, gritty collection, the master storyteller drops readers squarely into the action’s fiery crucible, both in the cockpit and on the front lines. Each story includes full-color reproductions of the explosive vintage art from the stories’ original publication by some of the greatest names in illustration.

A singular collection in the author’s vast bibliography, A Handful of Hell highlights the best of Robert F. Dorr’s vivid, gripping tales of aerial conflict, battlefield heroism and action—some fact, some fiction, all adrenaline-fueled, white-knuckle adventure.

“Robert F. Dorr sets the standard for writing about aviation and adventure.”
— Walter J. Boyne, 
author and former director, 
National Air and Space Museum

Robert F. Dorr is an author (since 1955), an Air Force veteran (1957-60) and a retired American diplomat (1964-89). His latest book is the novel Crime Scene: Fairfax County, and features characters introduced in his 2014 alternate-history novel, Hitler’s Time Machine.  

Author of more than 70 books on military and aviation history, Dorr has served as a columnist for Air Force Times and Aerospace America. Many of his early published writings were in  men’s adventure magazines in the 1960s and 1970s.

Bob and his wife Young Soon are the parents of two grown sons with families and live in Oakton, Virginia with their Labrador retriever, Autumn.

A Handful of Hell is available in a softcover trade edition and as a limited edition hardcover with over 40 pages of additional content. Purchase the softcover here and the limited edition hardcover here.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Kendra Steiner Editions Features Wyatt Doyle's Photos

"One of the qualities I admire most in Wyatt Doyle’s work is his eye for the unexpected juxtapositions of detail among the seemingly mundane, juxtapositions of detail that provide a window of insight into life, into society, into truth. This quality is as strong in his fiction as it is in his photography."
—Bill Shute, Kendra Steiner Editions

A selection of Wyatt Doyle's photos is showcased as part of the Visual Art Spotlight series on Kendra Steiner Editions' site, here. Wyatt's photos have previously been featured on the covers of the KSE releases Dusk With Carol by Doug Draime and the CD Modern Architecture by FOSSILS.

Thanks to Bill Shute and KSE for the honor!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

"Motherless Children" by Rev. Raymond Branch

Rev. Branch in a slightly different mode. This was my last visit with Rev. Branch before I left California in 2014. We'd retired to his office to chat and unwind after recording a day's worth of performances in the church when he broke into this almost spontaneously, while I raced to set up the camera. I'm glad I did.     —WD