Monday, April 26, 2010

Reflections on Iceberg Slim by Josh Alan Friedman

At the age of 55, with four young children, [Iceberg] said, “Now my ambition is to be as good a father as I was a pimp.” It was tough adjusting from Big Daddy to just plain daddy. Through grit and determination, Iceberg eventually fit in—comfortably niched in Los Angeles halfway between Ward and Eldridge Cleaver.

"I Like Ice" by Josh Alan Friedman

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© 1997, 2010 Josh Alan Friedman; artwork by Drew Friedman

Monday, April 19, 2010

Josh Alan Friedman's Winedale Nation

In 1992, I began performing Monday nights at the Winedale Tavern... Skid Row’s royal palace in Dallas. There, some patrons behave as if released from Parkland Hospital’s observation ward directly to the Winedale; others, as though sprung from the dog pound. The audience is the show...

"Winedale Nation" by Josh Alan Friedman

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photo © 2010 Josh Alan Friedman

Monday, April 12, 2010

Jack Ruby, by Josh Alan Friedman

“Whenever the striptease dancers came out, he’d want the musicians to turn our backs, ’cause these were white ladies. But the strippers would insist that the drummer watch them so he could catch their bumps and grinds. So, Jack says, ‘Well, the drummer can look, but the rest of you guys, you turn your backs on the bandstand.’”
- David "Fathead" Newman

"Jack Ruby: Dallas' Original J.R." by Josh Alan Friedman

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