Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Jon E. Edwards on "WOW" PEOPLE With Kelli Sae

Tonight, New Texture recording artist and soul man at large Jon E. Edwards appears on "Wow" People With Kelli Sae

 Listen live on YouTube, 8 pm EST, here.

Jon E. Edwards' album Continental/International is available now from New Texture. For listening/purchase options, click here.

Friday, August 13, 2021

A DAY AT THE BEACH by Richard Adelman



“Wait a minute. You’re saying I’m going to pretend I’m taking Ellen out on a date?”

I was 12, and the idea of knocking on the Goldfarbs’ door, looking Ellen’s grandfather in the eye, and tricking him troubled me. Besides, taking Ellen out on a date was something I wouldn’t have the courage to do on my own behalf, so where was I going to find the courage to do it for my pal Whitey? 

“I don’t like this,” I said. “I’ve known Mr. Goldfarb all my life. I can’t lie to him like that…” 

Lying, in general, was fine. You had to lie in order to have fun. Lying to my parents was one thing. I had an account with them. There was stuff I’d done on the positive side to cancel the stuff on the negative side. And besides, they were my parents, so they were obliged to forgive me.  

Plus, the possibility of getting caught in this lie was greater than usual. Usually, I lied about a single event, like going to Brigantine or swimming in a forbidden spot. Those lies were controllable. We would take a trip, tell a lie, and it was over. But this might require many lies—perhaps a lie a night, for many nights. Very risky. And who was the beneficiary of these lies? Who was going to have all the fun?  

Not me.

Atlantic City, summer of ’63. A boy. A girl. And the other boy, who reluctantly pretends to date her to help his pal. A funny, nostalgic novel of young love, best friends, and poetry, acclaimed Teacher Tales author Richard Adelman perfectly captures one 12-year-old’s last great summer as a kid down the shore.

A Day at the Beach. An unforgettable time. An unforgettable place. An unforgettable novel.

Preview the book here. Buy it here.

Cover by Wyatt Doyle and Jimmy Angelina

Monday, August 2, 2021

Hall, Skrowaczewski, Zappa's FREE / REFUSE available NOW


The latest digital release in New Texture's Zappacrypha series of recordings by Stanley J. Zappa (and compatriots) is available now! Free / Refuse features Jacob Hall, bass; Nick Skrowaczewski, percussion, vibraphone; Stanley J. Zappa, saxophones. It was recorded by Hall at Audible Alchemy, Portland, Oregon, and mastered by Jeremy Stewart at Swan's Yowl.

Per Zappa:

"Three years after the release of Visions (by Leonard/Skrowaczewski/Zappa), Steve Lobdel was just about done moving his recording empire to his new facility. Jacob Hall was Steve's assistant. Jacob and I played in a group with the rhythm section of Steve's group, The Davis Redford Triad. Nick Skrowaczewski was in Portland at the time, learning the fine art of video editing. No sooner were Nick and Jacob introduced than they were sneaking off to eat chicken fried steak at the Interstate Diner for brunch together.

Lobdel kindly permitted Jacob to use the studio so we could record this Trio—the main attraction of which being a Studer tape deck with pitch control. This recording makes ample use of said pitch control, both to speed up and to slow down. This left a large impression (dent) in my 'sound vision' and only bolstered my vow never to take western harmony seriously ever again."

Buy it/hear it here.

Explore the album's packaging here. Photos and design by Wyatt Doyle.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Jason Cuadrado's TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE Tribute, "The Soot Man"

How does Jason Cuadrado follow up his acclaimed Twilight Zone tribute "Reap What You Sow"? With a tribute short to the much loved 1980s anthology series Tales From the Darkside (created by George Romero), "The Soot Man." 

From the video's description: Kat and her boyfriend, Manny are a couple of young grifters who go from town to town cleaning houses and robbing wealthy homeowners. Kat takes a job with a strange recluse, Ms. Calloway, and soon discovers that the house harbors dark, dangerous secrets.

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