Thursday, April 19, 2018


Two new collections of poetry by Eric Reymond.


Nimrodia, pronounced /nim-raw-di-a/ or /nim-row-di-a/, is the title of an imagined body of literature about the biblical king who is said to have constructed the Tower of Babel. The longest poem of the book imagines the king’s perspective on his famous tower, as well as that of his underlings, exploring the egotistical and altruistic inspirations for it. While visual art and ancient history are the starting point for most of the poems in this collection, the contemporary world intersects with these domains again and again. We are reminded that though language, culture, and time may divide us, these are also the forces that link us together.

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Sub-Sub Librarian, Extracts on a

The Sub-Sub Librarian is the figure imagined at the beginning of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick who compiles a list of “extracts,” or quotations and references, on whales. While Melville cheekily describes this librarian as “painstaking burrower and grubworm of a poor devil,” belonging to a “hopeless, sallow tribe,” the longest poem of Eric Reymond’s new book imagines the Sub-Sub Librarian as experiencing transcendence and illumination through his wide readings. Additional poems build on this theme, finding inspiration in texts as diverse as contemporary poetry, vocabulary quizzes, and course syllabi.

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from Nimrodia