Friday, October 19, 2007

Tales From The Dead

My most excellent friend Jason Cuadrado - writer, editor, producer, director - has launched a website for his independent feature directorial debut, TALES FROM THE DEAD. It's an omnibus-style horror film inspired by some of the best in Asian horror from the last sixty years or so, with an equally strong nod to The Twilight Zone.

Aside from walking away from the security of a very cushy gig (working in my office) to make a film in a town where he only just moved from New York and knows almost no one (not to mention working with no budget and a punishing shooting schedule), this superfreak elected to shoot the entire film in JAPANESE - a language, I should mention, he does not speak a word of. Why? Well, he likes Japanese movies.

Still, using little more than the twin cyber magic of Craig's List and MySpace, he managed to pull in a full, dedicated crew and land a phenomenal cast, many of whom had just come off shooting the highly acclaimed Oscar contender LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA for director Clint Eastwood!

And damned if he didn't managed to pull it off. It's a real life dollar-and-a-dream story, and hopefully it'll be also be a rags-to-riches one.

Check out the teaser trailer, then be sure to sign up for the mailing list so you can follow the film's progress. Don't worry - you won't get flooded with email spam, and no one's going to sell your address. All it'll do is keep you in the loop so you can to follow this amazing story as it unfolds.

And if you know someone in the industry, why not drop them an email and pull their coat to this incredible project?

Jason is a great guy, and what's more he's been a big help to me and all the folks at ; so will you trust me on this and allow him the opportunity to scare the pants off you?

Now go check out the site - and spread the word!