Thursday, December 6, 2007

I Don't Know, You Tell Me

Who is our Laurence Welk?

Who is our Jimi Hendrix?

Is there still that much distance between our Lawrence and our Jimi, or has that distance shrunk over the last 40 years? I'm asking. I don't listen to enough music to know.

If 'that distance' has shrunk, Why is that? How does that work? What or who activates the shrinking part?

Who would you have rather seen? Lawrence Welk gone hippy or Jimi Hendrix in 1969? I pick Jimi Hendrix in 1969. (I like the feed back parts the best.)

Mind you, there were and still are many many people who would choose Lawrence Welk over Jimi Hendrix and there were and still are many many people who actively don't like Jimi Hendrix (especially the feedback parts.) What is that all about?

That is a constant source of amazement and wonder. Why do some people choose Jimi and other people choose Lawrence?

Does it have anything to biology? Is culture connected to biology? Is culture the enemy of biology?

copyright © 2008 Stanley Jason Zappa