Tuesday, May 1, 2018


"I Saw Havana Go Berserk" ... "Havana's Amazing Flesh Market" ... "Bayamo's Night of Terror" ... "Terror! Cuban Hell-Cats Scare Castro's Cutthroats" ... "Squirm in Hell, My Lovely Muchacha!"

The stories published in men's adventure magazines (MAMs) from the late 1950s through the late 1970s were notorious for their eye-popping, politically incorrect, often lurid artwork, their tough, unapologetic pulp fiction, and their exposé-style "news" articles designed to shock and titillate. Mixing fact with fiction and supplemented with sexy, violent pulp illustration art and photos, the magazines published hundreds of stories about Cuba and Fidel Castro, chronicling, illuminating, and dramatizing the earth-shaking events in Cuba in those explosive years in ways no other American print or electronic media did at the time—or has dared to since!

Men's Adventure Library Journal editors Robert Deis and Wyatt Doyle follow their acclaimed I Watched Them Eat Me Alive with the second installment of a new kind of anthology. An expertly curated selection of fast-paced, testosterone-boosted fiction and artwork with history and context supplied by the editors, Cuba: Sugar, Sex, and Slaughter's highlights include an exclusive pictorial reminiscence by men's adventure supermodel Eva Lynd, who reveals details of her time as an American showgirl and model in Havana in the final days before the revolution ... a portfolio from pantheon illustration artist Samson Pollen (Pollen's Women) ... and a thrilling account of international intrigue, adventure, and escape by Robert F. Dorr (A Handful of Hell), the celebrated and controversial author (and retired senior diplomat) to whom the book is dedicated.

Cuba: Sugar, Sex, and Slaughter is available as a 158-page softcover and as a 178-page expanded hardcover with additional content—20 more color pages of hard-hitting fiction and outrageous artwork.

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