Monday, August 19, 2019

Jimmy Angelina in KMAC Museum's First Triennial

Jimmy Angelina (The Last Coloring Book) will show new work at the KMAC Museum in Louisville as part of their first triennial, and the inaugural Vernissage.

From KMAC:

Vernissage (noun): French for Art Preview  

Announcing Louisville's Newest Tradition! KMAC Museum's Board of Directors is pleased to invite you to our inaugural Vernissage. This year's event is in celebration of KMAC's first Triennial, a showcase of contemporary art of the Commonwealth. Meet the exhibition artists and be the first to view their works, specially created for this show.   

Come dressed in your favorite cocktail attire! Enjoy cocktails and exhibition viewing starting at 6 PM along with dinner at 8 PM featuring the best of the late summer harvest with food curated by Mary Wheatley & Rebecca Johnson of Atlantic No. 5.

 Meet the artist:

Jimmy Angelina's work pulls from an interest in music and film. While his visual style recaptures the mise-en-scène, montage, and storyboard aesthetics associated with classic cinema, it also aligns with the sampled, cut-up, collage appearance of early punk rock flyers. He blends the spindly pale figures of Egon Schiele with the texture of a vintage engraving, recalling illustrations found in American comics and political satire magazines from the 1970s and 80s, composite images that distill the pages of publications like Cahiers du Cinéma and MAD Magazine. Learn more about Jimmy Angelina at or at Jimmy Angelina - Drawing & Illustration and be one of the first to see his work at Inaugural Vernissage on August 23rd.

More details and ticket information on the event's page on Facebook, here.