Friday, April 25, 2008

Gorilla Marketing

Partly to celebrate our shared mania for horror movies and partly to commemorate his appearance on, filmmaker Jason Cuadrado and I will be in attendance for the magazine's annual "Weekend of Horrors" convention here in Los Angeles this Saturday.

But it won't be all fun and games! We're seizing the opportunity to spread the good word about our endeavors, passing out a very groovy postcard - or, more in keeping with the huckster spirit of the event, a "limited edition collectors card" - in an effort to hip the people to all the good things going on around here that you already know about.

The Tales From the Dead side showcases the film's gorgeous poster art, while the New Texture side features one of my Koreatown photos paired with a brief snippet of prose: a bit of film criticism by William, the bus driver who features prominently in a bunch of my bus stories.

Here's a peek for those of you unable to attend and claim your own. Click the pic to enlarge it for easier reading:

copyright © 2008 Wyatt Doyle