Thursday, April 17, 2008

Vanina Marsot's FOREIGN TONGUE

Congratulations to our own Vanina Marsot on the sale of her debut novel, Foreign Tongue, to Harper Collins!

So what's it all about?

In Foreign Tongue, Hollywood copywriter Anna does what any smart, dual-citizenship holding woman would do after a breakup with a rising celebrity: she runs away to Paris. There, she finds work translating a tell-all novel by an anonymous public intellectual, and a new romance, with a handsome French actor. Her boss, an owlish publisher, and an old friend, a retired newspaperman, challenge both her language skills and preconceived notions, while a group of bilingual friends keeps her firmly grounded. But even escapist fantasies have snags, and Anna’s experiment with living between two languages and cultures turns out to have its own perils. Caught up in the intrigue of the Parisian world of arts and letters, she is forced to confront her feelings about loss and belonging as viewed through the prism of translation. Foreign Tongue is a humorous, poignant look at one woman trying to understand who she is in two countries.

Look for it from Harper Collins in April 2009!