Thursday, May 20, 2021

First Chance, Last Chance for Four New Zappa Discs


First Chance, Last Chance. 

We’re releasing four new CDs from Stanley J. Zappa (and friends). They are available right now from Amazon. They will only be available to purchase until June 4th, a matter of days. We had hoped to stagger these releases and keep them in print indefinitely, but our manufacturer has rather suddenly announced other plans about manufacturing them. (It’s Amazon, and they are assholes.) 

These albums will be made available as downloads; this is great music and we want to keep it available. So if you like downloads, you’re in luck. But if you like CDs? If you like physical media? Groovy packaging, designed by New Texture's Wyatt Doyle? Time is short. Very short. So short, that if you want to own copies of these extremely limited pressings, you’d better get cracking. Like, now. 

Know that since it’s Amazon manufacturing the discs to order and filling your order, and they don’t seem to like us much, you can expect fulfillment to take longer than usual. (We don’t like them either.) 

Think of it like those rare Dylan discs, released to maintain copyrights in small "get 'em while you can" quantities. 

Think of it like those recently released Stones outtakes, which seem to be the same kind of thing. 

Think of it like we’re losing our manufacturer, but we still want to release these albums on CD, because that's exactly what's happening. 

Think of it any way you like, but if you want these albums on disc, you’d better move fast. You’ve only got ’til June 4th. 

Buy links and music previews below.

Free/Refuse by Jacob Hall, Nick Skrowaczewski, Stanley J. Zappa 

Crossing Guards by Daniel Carter, Steven Leffue, Catherine Sikora, Stanley J. Zappa 

The Stanley J. Zappa Quartet Plays For The Society of Women Engineers 

(Wyatt Doyle, Mark Leonard, Nick Skrowaczewski, Stanley J. Zappa)

Turkey Bacon Donuts Bitches by MANZAP REBORN 

(Andrew Wedman, Stanley J. Zappa


Also going out of print (as physical releases): 

Sing-Song Songs by Stanley J. Zappa

Live a Little by Manzappaczewski 

(Nick Skrowaczewski, Andrew Wedman, Stanley J. Zappa)