Wednesday, May 19, 2021

New Texture CDs Going Out of Print June 4

For years now, we’ve been releasing music—physical CDs, anyway—via Amazon’s CD manufacturing platform. Recently Amazon sprung it on us that they’re abandoning the service entirely, and abandoning along with it the many artists and small labels who have paid to utilize it these last few years. This decision by Amazon puts many of our CD releases in a tricky spot. (On the bright side, it means we’ll be dealing with Amazon a lot less.) 

Amazon says they will continue to accept orders for CDs manufactured by them through June 4th. Which means after that date, many of our CD releases will be out of print. The download versions will remain available, but until we can sort out new options for physical media production, actual CD copies will be hard to come by. 

So if you’ve been putting off purchasing any of New Texture’s CDs, you’d better get that order in, pronto. They are about to become collector’s items. 

Purchase links below.


Reverend Raymond Branch, I've Got Heaven on My Mind

Stanley J. Zappa, Sing-Song Songs


Josh Alan, Sixty Goddammit


  Map of the Moon (s/t)


 Jimmy Angelina (s/t) 


  Jon E. Edwards, Continental/International


 Manzappaczewski, Live a Little