Tuesday, August 19, 2008

In the Soup with Georgina

Our friend, actress and writer Georgina Spelvin, will be signing copies of her autobiography, The Devil Made Me Do It, this Wednesday, August 20, at Book Soup in Hollywood. The event begins at 7pm.

While Georgina has led a fascinating life that lends itself to a fearless and entertaining autobiography, her decision to write and publish her book independently - under her own imprint! - is nothing short of remarkable. As we at New Texture prepare our first releases for publication, we know all too well just how difficult it can be when you’re doing it all yourself, and let there be no doubt: Georgina did it all herself.

That fierce independence and determination to publish her story on her own terms makes her an inspiration to independent artists everywhere, but Georgina didn’t stop there. She is now shepherding two more books for release under her Little Red Hen Books imprint: Where the Sun Sets, a children’s book by John Welsh with illustrations by Liz Kovler, and Who ARE These People?, a collection of satirical sketches by Irv Bramberg. (You can purchase the books here.)

We’re crazy about Georgina, and we’re extremely proud to have pitched in to help in her adventures in independent publishing.

Again: Georgina Spelvin, Book Soup, Wednesday, August 20, 7pm.