Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Sweet Water Pools" by Donnie "Doc" Gillespie

Fire trucks and rescue squads blaze by the Museum so often they hardly raise an eyebrow. Somebody fucked up…again.

The Museum is a stone's throw from the raging waters of the James River. People park in our lot to go over to the river, or to go Belle Isle to swim, picnic or hang out. Kayakers occasionally get themselves in trouble and rescue teams get called out to what? Upright them? I don't know.

But it was a preponderance of fire related and rescue vehicles today, and it just never seemed to stop… Every ten minutes, more fire department, cops, and now news vans. Then a hazmat vehicle. Now THAT was different. What did THAT mean? Body in the water. Some poor woman, washed down, finally caught on a rock, dead for some time. Not a good thing. I've found dead people underwater; not exactly a pleasant experience, especially when you're not expecting it. They ingest stuff...not by their choice...water, sand, whatever... Makes ’em heavier to lift. Now if there for a number of days, well, you don't want to know the details. The James River is a dangerous place, and people don't realize just how dangerous. Though there are the little places, closer to shore, that are quiet and serene.

I trust lakes over rivers. Or at least small lakes. No current.

Will wait for more info on this unfortunate victim of whatever. Another sad story, so close and nearby, floating down the river.

text copyright © 2008 Donnie "Doc" Gillespie
photo copyright © 2008 Wyatt Doyle