Monday, August 18, 2008

Round and round she goes

Thanks to the good folks at indiepix, "Every Dog's Day" is now available for rental via Netflix.

As the primary authorial voice behind it, I feel a certain ambivalence to the fact that much of what it satirizes has only become more relevant in the five years since it was shot insomuch as, while I'm glad it's relevant, I kinda wish it weren't...

So if you, like me, prefer to laugh at the global and economic mess we're all in rather than cry about it, put us in your queue.

And as always you can order it directly through indiepix. Download it for only $7.95 or order the DVD for $24.95.

In the meantime, send some good wishes to our good friend Niko, who played Vlad, and happened to have arrived in Tblisi, Georgia to visit family and friends two days before the goddamn Russians blew up the airport.